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The Perfect Bake - App Controlled Smart Baking

€39.99 €24.99
(You save €15.00)

The Perfect Bake - App Controlled Smart Baking

€39.99 €24.99
(You save €15.00)
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Product Description

Turns anyone into a pastry chef.

How do master pastry chefs bake delicious treats time after time?

They start with a great recipe and follow each step, making sure measurements and timing are accurate.

The Perfect Bake system turns YOU into a master pastry chef. It weighs each ingredient for accuracy and uses built-in timers to alert you when you’re done mixing, baking, or cooling. Need to rescale the recipe? Perfect Bake does the math for you—whether you’re changing the size of your cake pan, the quantity of cookies you want to bake, or the amount of chocolate chips you have on hand.

  • Easy Baking: No more hard-to-follow recipes and missed steps. Perfect Bake guides you step-by-step through the whole process: preparing, adding ingredients, mixing, portioning, and baking.
  • No Measuring: Just place a bowl on the scale and start adding ingredients. The virtual bowl fills up and shows you when to stop. The Perfect Bake app then automatically advances to the next step.
  • Delicious! Every. Single. Time: Perfect Bake measures everything by weight, just like pastry chefs, giving you masterfully consistent results every time.

Let It Do The Math

The Perfect Bake app is a math genius. It does all the calculations for you to scale your recipe to the amount you want to make.

  • Scale To A Number: Tell Perfect Bake the exact number of cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. you want to make and the app automatically scales the recipe for you.
  • Scale To A Pan Size/Shape: The recipe calls for a 13×9 inch pan and all you have is a 6 inch round pan? Use our patent pending pan sizer and the app automatically scales the recipe for you.
  • Scale To An Ingredient: Only have half a bag of chocolate chips? No problem. Put the chocolate chips on the scale and tell Perfect Bake to scale the recipe.

Many Recipes – Yours Too!

  • Hundreds Of Recipes: All our recipes are created and taste-tested by our professional pastry chefs. New recipes are included with app updates.
  • Gluten-Free, Vegan: Our recipe database even includes healthier alternatives like gluten-free and vegan.
  • Recipe Editor: Have a favorite recipe from your grandma? Enter the recipe using our recipe editor, or customize existing ones. Add your own photos too.

Not One, But Three Timers

The Perfect Bake app features three different timers for mixing, baking, and cooling. These timers can run concurrently so that you can streamline your baking process. For example, you can put in a new batch to bake while letting the old batch cool.

  • Mix Timer: The Mix timer tells you what speed to set your mixer at, what attachment to use, and how long to mix.
  • Bake Timer: The Bake timer alerts you when it’s time to take your baked goodies from the oven. It even says if and when you should rotate your baking sheet.
  • Cool Timer: The Cool timer alerts you when your treats have been properly cooled.

Little Details – Ease Baking – A Lot!

  • Pantry: Tell the app what ingredients you have on hand, and it tells you which recipes you can make. And there’s more: pull up one of those recipes and there will be check marks next to the ingredients you have.
  • Portioning: Just put your cupcake pan on the scale and pour your batter. The portion meter shows you when to stop.
  • Color-Coded Bowls: To make the baking process even simpler, the app tells you which of the three included colored bowls to use for each step. The bowls have non-skid bottoms and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Weight vs. Volume. Why use a scale?

  • Accuracy: Precise measurement of each ingredient is critical for baking success. Weighing is much more accurate than measuring by volume. This is why all professional pastry chefs weigh their ingredients.
  • Efficiency: Pouring ingredients into a bowl on a scale is much faster than measuring each ingredient using a measuring cup or spoon.
  • Easy Cleanup: No measuring spoons or cups to clean. Many Perfect Bake recipes require one or two bowls, that’s it.

Easy, foolproof, and perfect every time.

  • Choose from hundreds of pastry chef tested recipes (or create your own).
  • Forget measuring - just add ingredients.
  • The result is perfect, every time!

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